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Primary 5 Intensive Revision

Is your child prepared for SA2? Come and find out by doing our mock papers and plan your child's revision.  

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Revision starts now!

Ready, set, go!

The race to be the best has started already for some students and instead of playing the catch-up game with people who already start prepping their child for PSLE, we provide another alternative. Let's not start with the stretches and warm-up which happens before the race.

Let's start with the grind and hustle our way through in order to be calm right before the storm. The PSLE Intensive Revision is exacly what you need right now to boost the P5 students' knowledge and once they achieve their goals for SA2, their confidence is going to soar! 

Also, if your child is revising, how would you know if the method of revision is effective? By doing mock papers and having questions clarified in class, each student would have the opportunity to try specially selected questions and through that gain smart methods and revision skills.



1) Why grind and hustle now?

P5 topics are 60% of what's going to be tested in PSLE. Mastering them should be a top priority because next year, new topics is going to be introduced. Juggling them would not be easy but once your child has internalised what they have learnt in P3, P4 and P5, the new topics will be easier to absorb and more time can be spent in understanding them.

2) Why Our Learning Lodge?

Here in Our Learning Lodge, not only do we teach subjects, we teach our students to have the right attitude. Only then would students grasp concepts and skills taught in class with utmost attention. Our Learning Lodge rewards progress and we set high standards of achievement for all of our students because we believe everyone can find the motivation to do well.

3) How much improvement is guaranteed for my child?

We cannot guarantee every child will get their A* however it has been proven in the past that our students have improved 6-15 marks after attending this course. This is due to the skills that students are exposed to. Our skills and annotations are effective only if used as instructed and applied accordingly in their exams.

P5 Intensive Revision is a time to rehash a few Lower Block concepts and revise concepts taught throughout the past year. By going through two sets of papers, teachers will be making sure each student knows what to look for in each portion of the paper in order to gain the most number of marks. 

To find out what each subject would be emphasising on, scroll down!


For English, 2 hours of the day would be spent on Booklet A. For Booklet A, these topics and skills would be taught:

  • For Grammar, students will understand the different tenses and how to use them.
  • For Vocab MCQ and Vocab Cloze, each word will be defined and the context of the passage will be highlighted.
  • For Visual Text, each information would be point out and reasonings must be provided with options crossed out.

The next 2 hours of the day would be spent on Booklet B. For Booklet B, these topics and skills would be taught:

  • For Grammar Cloze, Editing and Comprehension Cloze, we will zoom in on the details which would be clues for students to identify.
  • For Synthesis and Transformation, exploring different word forms and how a sentence structure can be transformed systematically.
  • For Comprehension, students will be taught how to analyse passages by summarising each paragraph as well as the skills required for the different question types. 

For doing of the mock paper, students would be encouraged to annotate and check the papers three times before handing it in. As for going through, the students would have to do corrections with annotations and the emphasis would not be on the scores but what they overlooked before and how to do better for the upcoming SA2 exam.


The P5 Intensive Revision consist of Paper 01 and Paper 02.  

The first 2 hours of the lesson will be focusing on Paper 01 where students will exposed to the commonly-tested questions in paper 01 (MCQ and short answer questions). The students will be tested on their speed and accuracy as we revised these concepts. Quick mental sums is essential in scoring for Paper 01 as it is a test of speed. Students will also be exposed to strategies and techniques to answer each question-type quicky and accurately.  

The next 2 hours of the lesson will be focusing on Paper 02 where students will be introduced to the must-know concepts in problem sums. These problem sums are usually where students will lose most of their marks. The students will be taught how to identify these concepts by highlighting the key-words in the question and more importantly starting the question right. 

  • Students will be taught skills to tackle Paper 01 Questions with speed and accuracy.
  • Problem-solving concepts will taught to them step-by-step, allowing the students to understand the strategies behind each concept. 
  • We will also be highlighting all the common mistakes made by students and how to avoid them.
  • Lastly, imparting the exam skills for them to ace their exams. 


The P5 Science Intensive Revision Papers consists of two sets of Booklets A and B. Students will attempt commonly tested exam questions. The first set is done together in class with guidance on correct thought processes to tackle each question, and students will practise structuring accurate and relevant answers. The second set is done as a mock exam paper for students to apply what they have learnt from Primary 3 to 5, both lower and upper block topics.

  • Students will learn exam skills of identifying important clues and recognising concept tested for each question.
  • Students will practise using relevant keywords in writing of answers in open-ended questions.
  • Students can identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses for revision.

May I know...

What to expect from Our Learning Lodge?

Teachers who are dedicated for every step of your child's PSLE journey. Patient and kind, teachers at Our Learning Lodge looks at effort put in by our students and will provide support whenever needed. 

Any questions about homework can be put forth to the respective subject teachers. If there are any learning difficulties of the student that we should be notified about, do let us know and we would adjust accordingly. We would also advice you on the next step and inform you if there are any difficulties we face on our end.  

If I need to bring food for my child?  

Here in Our Learning Lodge, we take care of the well-being of our students in every aspect and that includes their tummy. We do not want them to get distracted in class and hence, if they were to have back to back lessons throughout morning and afternoon, lunch will be provided. 

We also have our in-house cafe filled with snacks. Students can purchase snacks during their breaks to fill their tummies. 

Will my child get distracted in a group setting?  

A group setting is especially useful as not only will prompts be given by teachers, but students will also participate. A classroom of students eager to learn and share their knowledge helps to build motivation in the process of achieving As and A*s.

What can we do as parents to be involved in our child's revision?  

Our Learning Lodge treasures our relationship with parents as we know that parents play a major role in educating our students. We will be giving individual feedback on the classes at a regular basis so that parents can take note of their child's progress and monitor their behaviour as well as attitude towards learning.

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C to A, English, Maths and Science. "I am very happy to be able to ace the PSLE. The learning journey has been very enjoyable and I always look forward to the lessons at Our Learning Lodge. A great thank you to all my teachers at Our Learning Lodge!" 

Xin Yan | West Grove Primary School P6 



“I have improved tremendously for my English and Math subjects after attending classes at Our Learning Lodge. The lessons are also interesting and fun which makes learning more enjoyable. THANK YOU OUR LEARNING LODGE! :) 

Crystal Lai | Henry Park Primary School P6 


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