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PSLE Oral Exam: Speak Confidently

Are you worried your child will stutter while reading and answering questions? 

Is your child fluent but still unable to score full marks? 

Get expertise advise and critique @Our Learning Lodge to Speak Confidently.

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Days to PSLE Oral Examination (15 August 2019)


3-days Intensive Oral Refresher Course

Speaking Confidently does not come naturally to everyone. Put in the most stressful situation, the first examination of PSLE, Primary Six students are tested on whether they will be articulate enough and witty enough to understand situations and form opinions in a short period of time.  

This is where Our Learning Lodge steps in.


Structured and effective, our students are provided with three simple structures to help them navigate the conversation and keep it going for as long as they can:

  • I see, I think, I wonder 

I see, I think, I wonder can be used as a opening statement and it shows that your child has an inquisitive mind especially when they ask questions with curiosity and thought. 

  • What? Where? Who? Why? When? How?

This is a device for students to recount their personal stories with little to absolutely no hiccups. Covering all the angles and fully explaining a situation should become second nature to these students by the end of this course. Furthermore, reenacting a scene with vibrant expressions would also be taught, along with using the correct type of language.

  • Point. Explanation. Elaboration. Link (P.E.E.L)

Students can talk in circles, often repeating and sometimes wandering off from a topic with no intention of going back to what they are supposed to be addressing. With P.E.E.L, they will be trained to follow a train of thought through and expand on their ideas instead of sticking to just stating facts. The students are not tested on their general knowledge but rather on whether they have their own identity and can express what they really think clearly. 


The feedback for reading will be based on clear articulation, pacing, tone, voice projection and fluency.

The feedback for SBC will be based on each prompt and whether they use what has been taught to the best of their ability. Each strength and weakness for each of their answers will also be evaluated during each of the classes.


In a room with two assessors, a final test will be conducted with all the students. They will also be required to wait their turn, separated from the entire class and given the question image and text to prepare. The test will be taken away from them after the five minutes are up and they will be called individually to meet the assessors. They are also required to introduce themselves before the test commence.

Full Marks for Oral? Yes, It's Possible

Learning a language requires you to be confident in two active parts: Speaking and Writing. 

Writing out their thoughts will be stressed upon first so that their brains can get used to structuring what they need to verbalise. 

Planning what they want to convey is important and once they can eloquently communicate their unique ideas and opinions, full marks is not only possible, it can be easily attained.


Critical Thinking

Guided & Engaged Class

Individualized Assessment

Still not convinced? Students in Our Learning Lodge will be guided and these are the benefits awaiting them:

  • Answer Keys for each of the practices and final test
  • Engaging and Interactive class with MAXIMUM 6 students 
  • Comments on reading and SBC will be given after every single practice, specific to the child's errors
  • A wide variety of topics will be covered and discussed throughout the course



Every Thursday

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18 July, 25 July, 1 August  

22 July, 29 July, 5 August  

23 July, 30 July, 6 August  

24 July, 31 July, 7 August


5:30pm - 7:30pm

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5:30pm - 7.30pm

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PSLE Oral Course
PSLE Oral Course
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Grade C to A for English, Mathematics and Science. "I am very happy to be able to ace the PSLE. The learning journey has been very enjoyable and I always look forward to the lessons at Our Learning Lodge. A great thank you to all my teachers at Our Learning Lodge!" 

Xin Yan | West Grove Primary School P6 



I improved 6 marks for PSLE Oral and my grades for other subjects improved too! The skills taught to me for Science allowed me to answer Science questions fluently and I was able to provide explanations for my answers. Our Learning Lodge has a different approach. They do not just hand us homework but they teach memorable techniques and strategies that you will never forget.

Jian Lun | Jurong West Primary School P6 


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Order Summary
PSLE Oral Course
PSLE Oral Course