How prepared is your child for the PSLE?

Is your child ready for PSLE?

Has your child gotten all the resources they can possibly receive?

Can they solve problem sums, comprehension and science application questions without getting stumped?

Can your child answer those questions swiftly and accurately?

Has your child lost motivation during this Circuit Breaker period and are you scrambling to find a way to pump them up again?

Not to worry, your child can regain their passion to learn from a complete all-you-need-to-score June Preparatory Course by boosting their marks by at least 20% this holiday!

How will we do that? 

Our Learning Lodge specialises in preparing only P5 and P6 students for PSLE, your child's first major examination across three subjects, English, Math and Science. 

For the June holidays, we are dedicated to making sure your child shows improvement in the short amount of time and spend the best way revising for the PSLE as it draws nearer and nearer. 

A few ways we guarantee learning to the maximum are through Intensive Recap, Daily Topical Test and 1-to-1 Feedback session on your child's areas for improvement.

Read on to know more!

What Your Child Will Experience in the PSLE PREPARATORY COURSE:

1) Intensive Recap

All concepts in each respective subjects will be covered wholly and thoroughly explained with examples and anecdotes.  

2) Topical Tests

Tests will be given out at the end of class for each topic to find out if they can successfully apply what they have learnt. 

3) Feedback

The feedback session will summarize the strengths and weaknesses of your child in each subject with useful information you need to decide your child's curriculum before the final lap to PSLE. 

The PSLE Preparatory Course is for your child to make full use of the May holidays revising as well as attempting different questions that may be tested in PSLE. For each subject, 15 hours will be dedicated to understanding what your child is lacking in different topics, reviewing how your child can improve on certain aspects and making sure your child can recall what was taught in class with ease and speed.

English PSLE Preparatory Course

5 days of English, 2h (LIVE) and 1h (Pre-recorded)

The English language contains strict rules hence a systematic approach to every component is introduced to our students with an in-depth review of questions in order to derive at the perfect answers.  

  • Day 1: Grammar - 8 tenses, determiners and Subject Verb Agreement - Identify clues and keywords with clear, annotated explanations to obtain answers  
  • Day 2: Synthesis - Step-by-step exclusive method for structuring sentences with proper techniques such as learning different word classes to tackle a wide range of synthesis question types. - e.g. Active/Passive voice, Direct/Indirect Speech with answers clearly annotated to reinforce steps to achieving accuracy.
  • Day 3: Vocabulary and Cloze Focus: - Learn the meanings of Phrasal Verbs and tackle different but close definitions of the words. - Learn the skill of annotation and sourcing for clues to tackle the Cloze Passages. 
  • Day 4: SItuational/Creative Writing - Learn how to craft a developed story to engage a reader with a solid framework and the right tone usage for certain formats. 
  • Day 5: Comprehension - Analyse passage, learn to read between the lines for inferential questions and strategies to answer different types of questions.

  • Mastering the English PSLE Exam

The English Language has a lot of facets to it and for a good command of English to be shown across all components of Paper 1 and Paper 2, students will be taught to: 

  • Adhere to all the rules on Grammar and sentence structuring and re-structuring.  
  • Understand that English Language is just like any other subjects, with efforts needed to memorize and follow certain definitions. 
  • Look into each word and be able to differentiate their meaning and uses in different contexts.
  • Find clues to support intelligent answers that not only fits the sentence but the entire passage.
  • Develop their points coherently and succinctly at the same time.  
  • Be bold enough to be creative and think outside the box. 
  • Those with a flair for the language, will be encouraged to push the envelope by developing and elaborating higher levels of understanding.

Mathematics PSLE Preparatory Course

5 days of Maths, 2h (LIVE) and 1h (Pre-recorded)

In 5 days, we will be covering all Must-Know problem-solving concepts that will be tested in the PSLE.  

  • Day 1: Whole Numbers, Measurement and Average - Internal Transfer, Constant Difference, Making a List
  • Day 2: Decimals & Fractions - Assumption, Harmonizing Fractions, Branching 
  • Day 3: Ratio and Percentage - Grouping, Unit-Parts, GST and Discount
  • Day 4: Rate and Measurement

- Finding Rate and unit of Measurement

  • Day 5: Geometry and Mensuration - Angles, Area of Triangles and Circles

  • Maths Skills, Strategies, and Exam Tips

Many students often struggle with problem sums and are unable to even begin solving the question. Using the H.I.T. model, students will be first taught how to Highlight Keywords from the question, Identify the Concepts and be able to Think of the First Step on their own.  

  • These concepts will taught to them step-by-step
  • allowing the students to understand the strategies behind each concept. 
  • We will also be highlighting all the common mistakes made by students and how to avoid them.
  • Lastly, imparting the exam skills and answering techniques for them to ace in their exams.  

Science PSLE Preparatory Course

5 Days of Science, 2h (LIVE) and 1h (Pre-recorded)

Science is a complex subject but with all the right keywords and understanding of concepts, the skills to tackle any scientific graphs, experiments and flow charts will be easier to attain along with understanding of processes.

  • Day 1: Diversity - Diversity of living, non-living things and Materials
  • Day 2: Cycles - Cyles in Plants and Animals, Cycles in Matter and Water
  • Day 3: Systems - Plant and Human Systems, Cell System, Electrical System
  • Day 4: Interactions

- Forces

  • Day 5: Energy - Energy Forms and Uses (Photosynthesis), Energy Conversion

  • Science Skills, Strategies, and Exam Tips

Science is an interesting subject that students enjoy. However, when they are asked to answer questions, they do not know how to apply their knowledge, or phrase their responses in a way that demonstrates understanding. In the June PSLE PREP course, each student will be:

  • Organising key concepts to understand systematically - Complete 5 concept maps to organise important keywords and information for understanding. - Highlight keywords and link back to summary of important concepts that they have done.
  • Given tips to memorise for easy recall - Use Acronyms (e.g. WET, WOW) and Association (e.g. herbivores can be linked to "herbs" where herbivores eat plants) techniques to memorise concepts. 
  • Practising answering techniques - Compare, Describe, Explain, Why, State, List, Predict, Relate, and many more! - E.g. "What is the relationship..." - Ans: As the X increases/decreases, the Y increase/decreases. - E.g. "Compare the differences..." - Ans: X breathes through lungs, but Y breathes through gills.
  • Guided on methods to answer experimental-based questions - What is the aim of the experiment? Did Jeremy conduct a fair test? What can be concluded? etc. - Students will learn to identify: Aim of experiment, changed variable, measured variable. - Think critically: Variables to be kept the same, control set-up, and conclusion for experiment.
  • Practising carefully selected exam Science questions - Students will get to correct the mistakes made and re-learn those concepts.

Learn In a Group

Our Learning Lodge caters to a small group of students per class. Ensuring everyone's comfort, we take note of each student's pace and provide assistance fairly.

Contrary to popular beliefs, students learning in a group are more likely to participate in discussions, finding a sense of motivation knowing that their peers are having the same goals.

Learn Progressively

Each student has different learning needs and the aim for every teacher in Our Learning Lodge is to Ignite a spark of passion, Impart knowledge that can bring success and Inspire our students to do the best that they can for anything they set their minds to. 

Learning takes time and therefore, the PREP Course will be over 45 hours for all three subjects to truly ensure the students are fully equipped to dive headfirst into PSLE and conquer the papers with confidence.

Flexible timeslots to accommodate your busy schedules.

Choose the subjects and availibility, we will take care of the rest for you!


25 - 29 May

  • 9am - 11am
  • 12.30 - 2.30pm
  • 3pm - 5pm


11 - 15 May

  • 9am - 12pm
  • 1.30 - 4.30pm

18 - 22 May

  • 1.30pm - 4.30pm


11 - 15 May

  • 9am - 11am
  • 12.30pm - 2.30pm

18 - 22 May

  • 9am - 11am
  • 12.30pm - 2.30pm

Heads-up. Seats are limited even when lessons are online.


Due to our dedication in keeping classes small to provide our students with more attention and care, seats are limited and will be subjected to first come, first serve basis.

Three Subjects

  • Price inclusive of respective booklets for each subject (U.P. $45 each)
  • You will be redirected to a form to select time slots after payment.

Usual price: $1500 NOW! Early bird discount: $690 only!

Enroll for 3 Subjects - $690

Two Subjects

  • Price inclusive of respective booklets for each subject (U.P. $45 each)
  • You will be redirected to a form to select time slots after payment.

Usual price: $1000 NOW! Early bird discount: $550 only!

Enroll for 2 Subjects - $550

One Subject

  • Price inclusive of respective booklets for each subject (U.P. $45 each)
  • You will be redirected to a form to select time slots after payment.

Usual price: $500 NOW! Early bird discount: $290 only!

Common questions

Who’s teaching me at Our Learning Lodge?  

Here in Our Learning Lodge, only the best in their fields are in-charge of each subject. English, Math and Science are taken care of by teachers who specialise in that area. Passion plays a part in all of our trained teachers who are motivated by not only the subject but what the students can gain from the subject and of course, that includes their A*s.

What if my child is not that interested in learning and just want to play? Will he/she get distracted in a group setting?  

Usually to start off the lesson, we will have everyone in class to introduce themselves. This is to get them and their peers comfortable but also to get to know what motivates them. In the midst of the first lesson, teachers can already identify their learning style and would tweak the lessons according to what they need to stay engaged. A group setting is especially useful as not only will prompts be given by teachers, but students will also participate. A classroom of students eager to learn and share their knowledge helps to build motivation in the process of achieving A*s.

Is Zoom secure?

Zoom has improved its system and we have improved our steps to make sure the learning environment will not be violated in any way. Meeting passwords are set and once everyone is in, we will ensure that the meeting would be locked, barring anyone else from coming into the lesson. 

What if my child is not able to focus online? 

Just like in an actual real-life setting, our PSLE specialists would call on students to ensure they are paying utmost attention and we would encourage every student to show themselves via the camera so that the PSLE specialists can see their facial expressions. The chat would also be regulated and used only for discussing questions pertaining to the subject at hand. 

What can we do as parents to be involved in our child's revision?  

Our Learning Lodge treasures our relationship with parents as we know that parents play a major role in educating our students. We will be giving individual feedback on the classes at a regular basis so that parents can take note of their child's progress and monitor their behaviour as well as attitude towards learning. Moreover, communication between us and the parent will always be open with our WhatsApp hotline. Should there be any concerns, feel free to raise the issues and we will be united in dealing with any complications. 

What our students and their parents say

Xin Yan & her parents (West Grove Primary Sch, P6):  

C to A, English, Mathematics and Science. “I am very happy to be able to ace the PSLE. The learning journey has been very enjoyable and I always look forward to the lessons at Our Learning Lodge. A great thank you to all my teachers at Our Learning Lodge!” - Xin Yan (West Grove Primary School P6)  

“Thank you very much to all the teachers for helping her. I am very glad to see the huge improvement in her results for PSLE.” - Xin Yan's Parents 

Jun Hang & his parents (Westwood Pri Sch, P6) T-Score: 250  

“Jun Hang joined OLL 3 months before PSLE. His English improved to an A from a B, and Science improved to an A* from an A. This was a massive help to his PSLE. During this time, Jun Hang would share how his teacher used prompts, group activities and rewards. She would adapt to the students’ learning ability by providing additional practices, taking into account every student’s needs. OLL is not just another tuition centre, but a professional school that understands students’ needs, providing customization, targeting of weaknesses and reinforcement of strengths. A special thank-you to the teachers, for their patience, professionalism, passion and meticulous attention to nurturing our children. Thank you!” - Jun Hang's parents  

Crystal Lai & her parents (Henry Park Pri Sch, P6) T-Score 257 

“I have improved tremendously for my English and Math subjects after attending classes at Our Learning Lodge. The lessons are also interesting and fun which makes learning more enjoyable. THANK YOU OUR LEARNING LODGE! :) - Crystal Lai (Henry Park Primary School P6)  

“Crystal has shown significant improvement in her results, especially in English and Math. With the help of Our Learning Lodge, Crystal was able to accurately identify her weaknesses and work on them, allowing her to achieve her dream results for PSLE. Thanks!” - Crystal Lai's Parents 

Amelia Ong (Rulang Primary School, P6) T-Score: 263  

“I saw significant improvement in my Science when I joined Our Learning Lodge for Science lessons. The pleasant environment provided by OLL allowed me to focus more. Concepts were clearly explained and the teachers were friendly and engaging. Fun was injected to the lesson so we could have a more enjoyable time learning. “ - Amelia Ong (Rulang Primary School P6)

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