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How should your children spend their time for revision?  

By memorising every single word and revising aimlessly?  

Or by honing their skills at certain sections with the correct techniques that can guarantee them marks?  

The hardest, toughest and most challenging questions will be tackled in our workshops and your child can learn how now.

How can the revision workshops help my child?

Number of Days to PSLE


1) Don't know how or what to revise?

The workshops are here to help your child revise strategically and learn the most useful tips and tricks for PSLE.

2) Don't know what to improve on?

Our Learning Lodge will recognise exactly what your child needs to improve on and guide him or her in the right direction. 

3) Tried many different ways but tutors could not help my child.

Our Learning Lodge will cater to your child's individual learning needs and place them in a smaller classroom, where children tend to be more comfortable to ask questions and be motivated by their classmates to engage and be participative.

4) So close to PSLE, isn't it too late?

Since the crunch time is near, your child should be revising smart. By coming to our workshops, your child will be working on the sections he/she always fall short of and it is never too late to start learning these valuable technique.

 Skillful Methods And Revision Tools

Skills are necessary because for each section, a specific skill is needed. Skills to analyse the questions are justs as useful as the skills that provide the answer. Revision Tools are things that can help the students process the information they are receiving into bite-sized pieces of a puzzle that will eventually make up the whole picture if they able to correctly match the different parts together .  

Our Learning Lodge helps students to see the picture as a whole with different methods that can be used repeatedly for the same type of questions. This ensures that your child scores no matter what kind of surprises the students might face during PSLE. We provide them with the ability to notice the patterns and standard procedures one might have to go through when tackling different types of questions. 

Once students recognise the question, it is just as important to present it in the correct way.

A) Interpreting Questions

A lot of times students struggle in interpreting questions correctly. They do not understand what the question demands from them especially if they do not know what to look out for. During the PSLE Revision, dissecting questions will be the first thing we do. Each question would be explained thoroughly before coming to a conclusion.

B) Answering Questions

Children often want answers to be given to them and skip crucial processes into understanding the different reasons why some answers are accepted and some are not. 

At Our Learning Lodge, answers will not be given until each student thinks through the steps and becomes confident in explaining the answers themselves. The methods we teach are to be remembered and applied through every similar question such that the students can draw clues and form their own answers independently with little to no mistakes. 

C) Presenting Answers

Presentation is just as important. There is no point in understanding the concept but unable to articulately present it in a way that teachers can easily mark and accept. 

Many students have the knowledge and understand the concept of the syllabus, but what is often lacking is the delivery of the answer. Some students do not want to take the effort to perfect the format or write the correct keywords. Others suffer a substantial amount of marks lost due to poor penmanship. 

In Our Learning Lodge, students are highly encouraged to follow a systematic presentation of answers which leaves no room for error

The PSLE Revision Workshop might just be exactly what your child need to boost their potential for As and A*s. 

Practice makes perfect but Our Learning Lodge has tailored what needs to be perfected and how a student's potential can be stretched to what they are really capable of. 

Find out just how can your child better his/her performance in each subject below for English, Mathematics and Science.

ENGLISH Workshop

Understanding Content

Finding Clues

Applying Rules

In this workshop, students will be doing a variety of Cloze passages. This includes, Grammar Cloze, Editing, Vocabulary Cloze and Comprehension Cloze. Why only Cloze passages? Students often lose marks in these sections because they are not familiar with sentence structures. 

Each section possesses similar rules which students will learn and apply throughout the workshop. This will help students to make proper assumptions with logical explanations instead of making wild guesses. Here, students get to take a front row seat in discovering methods and techniques to score in English with certainty and not by rolling a dice.

Students will learn how to: 

  • Find clues in every passage 
  • Annotate to narrow down the possible answers 
  • Analyse variety of passages with logic and assimilation
  • Connect the dots by reading between the lines
  • Perceive and interpret content with precision
Register for English Targeting Cloze Workshop - $225

MATHS Skill-Based Workshops

Popular Challenging Questions

Problem Solving Strategies

Topical Tests

(1st Workshop) Before-After Problem Sums Workshop

In this workshop, common heuristic concepts will be emphasized to deepen your child’s understanding and knowledge of crucial testable concepts based on the 5 main chapters: Whole Number, Decimals, Fraction, Ratio and Percentage. Having the right techniques for these topics will help your child score 10-20 marks more in their paper. 

  • Students will learn to highlight the key-words in the question and identify the concepts. (Eg. Equal Number left -> difference unchanged)
  • These concepts will be taught to them step-by-step
  • allowing the students to understand the strategies behind each concept. 
  • We will also be highlighting all common mistakes made by students and how to avoid them.
Register for Maths Before-After Workshop - $225

(2nd Workshop) Math Challenging Problem Sums Workshop

We will be showing your child how to solve less common, non-routine questions that are usually 4 to 5 marks and require a combination of skill sets to be able to think critically. This is the crucial 10-20 marks in their problem sums section that separates the normal students and the A* students. 

  • Students will be attempting challenging questions from all topics.
  • Learn to identify clues from the question and break down into few simple steps. 
  • Students will be able to better answer challenging exam questions using systematic thought processes taught in this workshop.
  • Students can take the opportunity to recall important concepts that they might have forgotten.  

SCIENCE Skill-Based Workshops

Guided Step-by-Step

Answering Techniques

Mastery of Skills

(1st Workshop) Investigatory and Data Analysis

In this workshop, we will be focusing on open-ended questions involving experiments and data. Students will be taught to look out for clues in the questions and apply concepts they’ve learnt correctly so they can answer the questions at A* standards to score high marks. Students will practise a wide range of exam questions using simple but effective answering techniques.

  • Learn to identify trends from given data.

(E.g. What is the relationship between A and B?)

  • Learn to analyse and conclude/predict from given data.

(E.g. Which of the [organisms] was given the most/least [factor X]? Give a reason for your answer.)

  • Learn to formulate hypothesis and suggest possibilities.

(E.g. Give a reason why the bottle sank after some time.) 

  • Learn to answer experimental-based questions.

(E.g. Aim of the experiment, different variables, fair test.)

Register for the Investigatory & Data Analysis Workshop - $225

(2nd Workshop) Explanation-Based Questions

Has your child always been missing the half mark for explanatory questions? This workshop will focus on answering techniques for questions requiring students to "Explain why". Using structured key points in the correct logical flow, students would be guided step-by-step in the thought process to construct the final answer that will score full two marks in open ended questions.

  • Guided thought process with questions that prompt students to think about the key points required in the answer.
  • Guided construction of final answer after key points are written down.
  • Students will realise important key points that were missed in their answers which prevented them from scoring full two marks, and learn from their mistakes.
  • Students will be able to better answer challenging exam questions using systematic thought processes taught in this workshop.
  • Students can take the opportunity to recall important concepts that they have forgotten.

Class Schedule and Time Slots


5 WORKSHOPS (Most Popular!)

  • Register your child for all 5 workshops
  • Price inclusive of respective booklets for each subject (U.P. $45 each)
  • You will be redirected to a form to select workshops and time slots after payment. 
Enroll for 5 Workshops - $900


  • Mix and match any 3 workshops according to what your child needs
  • Price inclusive of respective booklets for each subject (U.P. $45 each)
  • You will be redirected to a form to select time slots after payment. 


  • PIck only two workshops for your child to focus on.
  • Price inclusive of respective booklets for each subject (U.P. $45 each)
  • You will be redirected to a form to select time slots after payment. 

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C to A, English, Mathematics and Science. "I am very happy to be able to ace the PSLE. The learning journey has been very enjoyable and I always look forward to the lessons at Our Learning Lodge. A great thank you to all my teachers at Our Learning Lodge!" 

Xin Yan | West Grove Primary School P6 


“I have improved tremendously for my English and Math subjects after attending classes at Our Learning Lodge. The lessons are also interesting and fun which makes learning more enjoyable. THANK YOU OUR LEARNING LODGE! :) - Crystal Lai (Henry Park Primary School P6)  

Crystal Lai | Henry Park Primary School P6 

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