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Achieve full marks in Situational Writing.

There are many different formats for the Situational Writing that can be tested in the PSLE. 

In each format, rules and tone of writing might be different as well.  

Does your child understand the rules and tone of writing needed for each specific form of writing?

Get expertise advise and critique at Our Learning Lodge to Write Confidently.

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Write confidently, and achieve full marks.

5-days Situational Writing Course

Writing Confidently is simple once you understand what you are writing for. Situational Writing is specific to the situation that students are presented with and who they are addressing. Some students have a hard time figuring out which information is needed and how can the information be put across in a suitable tone.

This is where Our Learning Lodge steps in.

1) Formatting Errors

A letter is different from an e-mail and report, postcard, diary, message, procedural text and newsletters and all these will be covered in this one course.  

Students will be exposed to the 10 different formats and understand the tone needed for the different types of writing. For letters and e-mails, they are divided into two more sections: formal and informal.  

The rules are clear, no abbreviations even when it is informal and use only Yours Sincerely / Yours faithfully to sign off when it is formal. However, which one exactly should the student use? When it is informal, are greetings such as "Cheers!" allowed?  

Get the answers from our experts and bring a fully-marked, filled with examples and templates from the coursebook provided home.  

2) Time Management

The recommended duration a student should allocate for Situational Writing is 20 minutes or shorter so that they can spend more time on their composition. In these 20 minutes, they are expected to analyse the question, look out for important information as well as craft the letter or writing in a formal or informal manner while bearing in mind the format, tone and purpose of the letter. This a a challenging task especially when students are not clear exactly the requirements of the Situational Writing. 

Students will be taught strategies to do these steps in a short amount of time and will be given time to practice these strategies in class. 

3) Grammar and Spelling mistakes

Grammar and spelling are the two most overlooked sections of English. A skill many has learnt since young, it is often taken for granted when one can write and spell with ease. However, in Situational Writing, this becomes the defining factor of whether a student is able to get full marks. Many students will not realise that this is a weakness that they have because they perceive spelling and grammar something natural that comes with practising the language. 

This is not true. Just like any components of a subject, students need to be trained to spell correctly and use the correct tenses. Though the content of the letters or e-mails will and should be the same, only those who will look at every minor detail such as punctuation will be acing their test. 

In this course, students will be pushed to look at every aspects of their writing and rectify their mistakes as they attempt each practice.

Full Marks for Situational Writing? Yes, it's achievable!

It is all about being very meticulous and in this course, we will look at how does each word portray what you are trying to say in a succinct manner.

For students with insecurities or are always missing that 1 mark to perfection, this course will ensure improvement and stability by giving you the assurance that full marks is not only probable, it is easily achievable. 


Precise Practices

Guided Methodology

Individualized Analysis

Still not convinced? Students in Our Learning Lodge will be guided and these are the benefits awaiting them:

  • Written out examples for each format
  • Engaging and Interactive class with a maximum of 10 students 
  • Comments on the practices will be elaborated on to ensure no repeating of mistakes
  • A wide variety of situations/events will be showcased to the students 



Monday to Friday


16 to 20 March (5 days)


4.15pm - 5:45pm 


  • Price inclusive of Our Learning Lodge's Situational Writing Booklet (U.P. $50)
  • You will receive an invoice via email after payment has been made.

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Situational Writing
Situational Writing
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Grade C to A for English, Mathematics and Science. "I am very happy to be able to ace the PSLE. The learning journey has been very enjoyable and I always look forward to the lessons at Our Learning Lodge. A great thank you to all my teachers at Our Learning Lodge!" 

Xin Yan | West Grove Primary School P6 



I improved 6 marks for PSLE Oral and my grades for other subjects improved too! The skills taught to me for Science allowed me to answer Science questions fluently and I was able to provide explanations for my answers. Our Learning Lodge has a different approach. They do not just hand us homework but they teach memorable techniques and strategies that you will never forget.

Jian Lun | Jurong West Primary School P6 


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Order Summary
Situational Writing
Situational Writing